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Hello everyone! My name is Rania and I'm from Norway.

Like you guys, I love Coldplay very much, and I think give som great messages with their music.

I am also a huge footballfanatic, and I love acting.


Cant wait to get to know this place!



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Hi Rania, it's lovely to meet you here, and thanks for posting so we can get to know you!! :)


I've wanted to visit Norway ever since I was a young lad (a long time ago now!) It's always seemed like such a fascinating country to me, although I know very little about it really.


Wow, you love football?! Do you play, or have a favourite team? I'm a huge Spurs fan (I hear they are quite qell known in Norway!) and of course I love Coldplay too!


Hope you'll have a great time here :)

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Thanks guys! Haha, I have actually never heard that someone would like to come to Norway! But thats cool!


I used to play, but I had to quit, because I have some problems with my feet :/. Although I love Inter and Real Madrid! And I like Newcastle a little too :P. Spurs are well known here yes! Premier Leauge is really the leauge that most norwegians follow, but oddly, I prefer Spanish and Italian football :).

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