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Chris Martin Gets Cold Treatment in Beverly Hills


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No doubt Coldplay is like totally the coolest and most famous group around.


But that doesn't mean everyone knows who frontman Chris Martin is.


The rocker was at the Thompson Beverly Hills hotel on Saturday, apparently to meet up with some friends on the rooftop. (The band kicked off their summer tour in Los Angeles July 14.)


Unfortunately, Martin's name wasn't on the list at the elevator that takes patrons to the roof.


"A goon at the elevator wouldn't let him up," a source reports. "Everyone's like, 'This is the lead singer of Coldplay.' The goon wasn't rude, but he just asked him if he was on the list."


We're happy to report that said goon eventually got the go-ahead from upstairs to let the patiently waiting Martin through.





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in such a big places like LA if the other people said that he is Coldplay's Chris when the goon asked whether his name is in the elevator list then i think its great.


because LA people doesn't care who are big or not.

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Well, just because he's the lead singer of THE MOST AWESOME BAND EV...er. Uh...that...doesn't mean he can go wherever he wants. Plus, there are a lot of famous people around there, and for Chris it's probably a nice treat to not get immediately recognized and ogled over. :P

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This kind of reminds of the 2003 Live Tour DVD when the woman wouldn't let Johnny in. :tongue: He was like, "I'm in the band" and she still asked for photo ID :lol:. Hey, as long as she's doing her job I guess.


:laugh3::laugh3::laugh3:Oh god, that's too funny! Well, maybe it could have been a Johnny look-a-like?? But that's one way to know for sure if security is working!:laugh3::cool:

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I am glad that he was patient....


Cool that it happened...keeps him grounded


*Edit*: If it was his own party...that is totally another thing!


I remember that Jonny part in the DVD...I thought it was hilarious...poor Jonny...he is the band :)

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