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Question about Jon's thinlines...


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I noticed this too, are you talking about the thinline with a natural finish...instead of the white/pearly looking inlay its like a black finish? I know he uses his Les Paul, his Jaguar, and 3 different thinlines for sure. You didn't mistake the Jaguar for a thinline did you?

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He didn't use the Jag at all during the Chicago shows.

During Fix you, he played a sunburst thinline with a finish that looked rather different then his other sunburst thinline (yes, I was that close).


BTW-I think the natural guitar with the black pickguard you are thinking of is Chris' Tele Deluxe.

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Not sure if he's added any, I think most of them are the same old thinlines with different paint jobs. But all I have is tv promos and poor quality fan vids from concerts to go off of. Have you seen him use his brown walnut thinline recently (the one in our avatars lol)? I expect it too has a different paint job. I may have seen it and just not recognised it.

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As far as I know, the only guitars that are painted are:


Jon's black Thinline


Jon's Natural Thinline


Jon's Jazzmaster


Jon's Les Paul Deluxe


Chris' Black Tele Deluxe


Chris' two acoustics


Everything else (including the Walnut thinline which is still used for slide, have their original unpainted pickguards.)

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As near as I can figure it, here's what he's actually got on the road with him this tour:


-4 Vintage Thinlines





(Black and Natural are painted)


-Les Paul Deluxe

Cherry Sunburst


-Fender Jazzmaster

Bubblegum Pink


2 Gibson J-200 Acoustics

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