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fantasy books


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does anyone read fantasy books?

I'm reading the robert jordan series, the terry goodkind series and the george r.r. martin series

I loved them all and I'm waiting for the next ones to come out!

can anyone recommend any fantasy books that I could read? :D

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I love fantasy novels, but I'm a bit picky, cos I reread things. A lot. Some books are fine the first time, but seem to get worse with each successive read. However, I found that these have all stood up to a dozen or more readings...


The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion by JRR Tolkien are without doubt the high-water mark for fantasy novels. Anything by Neil Gaiman is great (so far, anyway). Stardust and his short story collection, Smoke & Mirrors are my favourites, but Neverwhere and American Gods are just as good. Also, The Lyonesse Trilogy by Jack Vance is superb, but it's out-of-print. (I think it's worth looking around for, though.) The Dune Chronicles would perhaps be considered closer akin to sci-fi than to fantasy, but they're still pretty fantastic. And, of course, there's always Harry Potter. Seriously.

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I WROTE ONE..... l was supposed to have it published...hmmm


it never happened, l fell sick, got lazy and then went to edit it and... IT WENT ALL WRONG..cuz l started to REWRITE the whole goddamn novel AGAIN..bahh


but l will DEFINATELY release it someday :smug:

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I just started a new one actually

I had this dream and I thought it would make a perfect book....so I'm basing the book around my dream :D

and I'm using peoples name from the board for the characters :lol:

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