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** Top 50 Coldplay Song List RESULTS **

Chris's Nuts

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Well with one post and that belief you might want to get more aquainted with the rest of the Coldplay catalog. That or become a Kraftwerk fanatic.


How do you know how well acquainted I am with Coldplay? Just because I never decided to join this site until recently doesn't mean I haven't been a fan for just as long as you. Besides, I'm entitled to my opinion like anyone else.


Bottom line, I like the X&Y style way more than the Viva la Vida style. I'm just "spacey" like that.

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This list is so off IMO. Is there anybody out there who's lost and h...oh wait...Is there anyone out there who even slightly agrees with this top 50?? VLV number 1?? Nahhhh man. The only reason its #1 is cuz its so popular atm and people are 'sick and tired' of the oldies and just want to see a change, but we all know vlv is not their best song >.>.


Trouble #16?!?! Should be at least in top 10.


This list clearly shows that cp fans have diff thoughts and feelings per song which is a good thing I guess but some songs are just way overrated and some just way underrated.

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My favorite Coldplay songs


1. Speed of Sound

2. Fix You

3. The Scientist

4. Life In Technicolor II

5. Viva La Vida

6. Lovers In Japan (Osaka Sun Mix)

7. Glass Of Water

8. Green Eyes

9. A Message

10. 42

11. Politik

12. Clocks

13. Yellow

14. Swallowed In The Sea

15. The Hardest Part

16. White Shadows

17. Talk

18. Strawberry Swing

19. Lost?

20. God Put A Smile On Your Face

21. In My Place

22. Beautiful World

23. Trouble

24. Death and All His Friends

25. Cemeteries Of London

26. 2000 Miles (Christmas is everyday with Coldplay)

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