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Violet Hill On One Tree Hill


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I was going to make a thread for this but you beat me to it !

I do love hearing my fav band on one of my fav shows

1st Grey's earlier this year and now VH &RoL=too much for me to handle

btw did you love the episode ?


you know i was very skeptical on how the writers of the show could make One Tree Hill better......they shocked the hell out of me tonite....with back to back changes in each characters storyline.....i think the Brooke's was the most shocking for me....and i actually missed 20 mins of the episode so i didnt even know that reign of love was played...such an emotional tune

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I knew someone would've put this up by now! lol

That made me happy, 3 Coldplay songs in one episode!


But annoyed that the album wasn't mentioned after the episode was over. they mentioned the other albums, but not Viva La Vida...is that because Coldplay is a popular band already?

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^me too. watched it online and the only thing I cared about was Coldplay. And at the end when Violet Hill is on I moved my head like they do in video. Awww Coldplay everywhere. They made it. They are GLOBAL thing. I love that.


where could you listen to it?

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