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Hello there!


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Hi everybody!

I've known about this forum for a long time now, so today I thought that "it's about time to become a member" :D


About myself then...

My name is Isabella and I'm 17 years old. I live in Stockholm Sweden but I want to move to London after school. I'm aware of my horrible English , but I'm still learning.


I discovered Coldplay when I got a compilation album called "absolute hits 2005" or something at christmas (year 2005 of course). It's a horrible collection with hits from the year 2005 (mostly swedish songs :\) but... It had one song that I liked - Speed of Sound. My first reaction when I heard it was "Wtf is this? This is not a hit cause I've never heard this before! But it's good"


I had never heard of Coldplay so I wanted to know more about the group. I found out that Chris Martin was the singer and married to Gwyneth Paltrow, one of my favourite actresses so I had to buy the album (but I didn't).


Short after that I saw "Talk" on tv (It charted very well on "Trackslistan") and I thought the video was wierd but I liked the song. That was also the first and only video by Coldplay I've ever seen on Swedish television. I tried to recorded the song from some website instead cause I couldnt find a single, but It sounded like crap so I let it go. It wasn't before summer 2006, I think, that I bought X&Y.


I think I've started to collect their records too :shocked2: I'm actually a Madonnacollector but yesterday I came home with three records by Coldplay. I guess it's a good thing though :D


It will be fun to meet other fans cause I don't know anyone IRL




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