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Why do us Women hav e to torture ourselves for you Men?


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I feel like agreeing with this topic but I need sleep


Honestly I don't like wearing makeup and all that shit so why do I have to wear it to be attractive to maybe one extra dude in the room, I've got a fan following of eight guys already and you don't need all that shit

(Even if I am an impulsive shaver)

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true ! I shave because I want to, I do it for myself not for someone else..



indeed. I don't even have a boyfriend and it's winter soon so no one's gonna see my legs or whatever in a looong time anyway.

So i totally do it for myself. I feel so dirty if i don't shave :sick: well, i sometimes don't shave my legs for some time (no need for that, unless they get really hairy and gross)

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