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Coldplay and your family!


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My family likes Coldplay!! Well my mom and my sisters know who they are and think the music is nice. My dad doesnt hate them but he doesnt really listen to them either. He always makes fun of me cause of the Coldplay shirt I have then I have them as my background on my computer!!! He's says why do you have a picture of 4 guys on your computer!?! I just tell him to fuck off!!!!

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most of my family likes them generally, some more than others. My brother nick first introduced them to me, but after I became a bigger fan than him I made him a b-side mix that, in turn, boosted coldplay into his top 5.


Oh and my dad, who has a little recording studio in our basement once did his own version of green eyes :D. He says coldplay fan's would cringe if they heard it but he added it to a C.D. that he gave out to friends.

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A while ago they thought Coldplay was some kind of cocktail:angry:


:laugh3: Mhhh I'd like to taste that!


My mum was the person who bought the Arobtth-CD, and I listened to them with her in the car, when I was about 11 years old, I think. I liked the music so my mother's the reason why I love Coldplay today ;)

She likes their music, but she always says Jonny looks like that monster from Men in Black! :stunned:


My dad likes them aswell, because my mum listens to them a lot.


My sister likes the new album, but not the old songs. She doesn't like these piano- and sad-songs. Like lndskys dad, she says chris sounds like a crying girl.

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husband - don't think you need me to tell you about him!!! :D


I'm sure he's a hater.. :disappointed: Boo to Ian ! :P


One of my sis bought me X&Y back in 2005, she didnt like it that much.. I bought her a ticket for the concert in Lyon and she's now converted to the Coldplay love :D She even stole some of my confettis :stunned:

My cousin likes them too ! I asked her to come with me to Paris and she loved it !


and the rest doesnt care.. my sisters are really supportive though, when they hear news about Coldplay they tell me everything about it ! :nice: and my parents made fun of me when they knew I was doing the four French dates, especially when they saw me on the news :lol:

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