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Ok, short of asking the Oracle I don't know who else could help me. I was listening to Coldplay on my way home from work the other day (on my ipod) and usually I'm pretty picky what songs I listen to but I was busy and just let it shuffle and it camel across this song I never heard or really listened to. Here are the only lyrics my horrible memory can remember so please excuse the broken lyrics I put down before you


"X.....and Y......the rivers trees and starry sky(may not be exact)...365 degrees....something something...everything under the sun"



Now obviosly first guess would be X and Y, or at least a song off X and Y, but its not..I have gone through every single coldplay song I have (I don't have CD's btw, just lots of mp3's) and I stil can't fiqure out what song this is..Its been driving me crazy.

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hey, on subject, does any know the name of that new piano song that was posted a little while ago? don't think there were any lyrics, it was played in that interview that they did in the studio ([ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ru8iY_sIHf0&feature=related]YouTube - Coldplay Viva La Vida Amazing Interview[/ame]) I'm looking for the video of when they played it live.


Anyone know it?

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