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Whats your IQ?


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:lol: no way! If anything a comment like that will come from someone with an IQ like Forrest Gump!

nah, I've studied all this stuff at college, and thats my conclusion. An IQ test is alright for a bit of fun, but I don't think people should take a number too seriously :)

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Cultural Bias is true tho...im practically unbeatable at trivial pursuit genus 1, 2 or 3 in the UK...only ever lost 3 times out of over 200 games...and a few months ago beat 6 of my friends when they all teamed up vs me (including Hicksy) :)


But give me the US edition and I suck...my ex girlfriend used to beat me all the time...i know nothing about baseball, US shows from the 80s, US literature etc...


(btw I know Trivial Pursuit is no indictaion of intelligence, was just using it as an example)

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