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Talk Sound


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I really hope this hasn't been asked, because I couldn't find the answer in this huge ocean of forum threads. So, my question is:

how does Jonny get his guitar sound between 03:42 and 03:58 in the song "Talk"?

I am really interested, since that's my favourite guitar part in... I think the whole album. :)

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Sorry, i was thinking about that part afterwards. The part before the solo is just the telecaster with a little reverb and maybe slight dist i think.


No problem, and thanks for your help. :)


I still don't understand though how he gets that unique sound with just a Tele and reverb. Guess I'll have to buy a Telecaster Thinline and Hotrod DeVille amp, then? :\

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Wow. Thanks a lot guys! I think I won't buy this DL4 in the year(I need the money for other stuff), but please, could you help me make that sound? I would be happy if I could just hear it on some website(yes, I've done Google search :lol: ).

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