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most OVERRATED inventions ever


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:lol: :lol:

yeah Penn. is the same with the shit town thing!! i've been to some real shitholes there!! hahaha...Aurora, i think, is in the northeastern part? Going towards Cleveland...it's nothing special...just another middle American white picket fence middle class sleepy town

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:( ...i'm not sure i'll ever live there again..sometimes i think yeah, in certain places but mostly, i dont think id stay/be happy...ive gotten used to life here now...well you never know though..ive never been one for settling, there are other countries here too :)

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cool, hope you make it then, i'd show ya around :) ...yeah i want to do the europe thing too, i'm so close here but never find the time/money to do it..ive been to a few over the years, but i'd love to take a few months and do as many as possible, like over a summer or something

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have no idea what avenue this thread has now ventured down but i'd like to say G4 macs suck ass & are OVERRATED! Tried to do some work today & it's like I need launch codes to operate the damn thing!! grrrrrrrrr :stunned: :angry: :angry:



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