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Which politician do you think is the hottest?


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We were reading Kennedy's speech the other day in my English class and my friend who sits next to me was like, "Isnt Kennedy just like the hottest thing ever?" I looked at her like she was crazy...cause I mean his SON was the obvious hot one! :wink3: It was so sad when he died...I was only like 5 at the time but still!

...I still dont know if she was serious or not....I think that she was! :laugh3:

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Ok, this is so embarrassing to admit...but I think this is the right place to admit it! :laugh3:


I've always had the BIGGEST crush on Alexander Hamilton.


There. I said it.


Every time I take out a 10 dollar bill, I drool. Damn you, Aaron Burr, Damn you!

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