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I'm new :D


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Hey everybody! The name's Ben and I am a HUGE fan of Coldplay. Parachutes is my favorite of their albums, with Viva la Vida in close second. Please don't be shy to chat with me about anything and everything music and Coldplay :)


Here's me singing and playing along with "God Put A Smile Upon Your Face" if you're interested... [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hl02MeIlKA]YouTube - Ben sings "God Put A Smile Upon Your Face"[/ame]

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Hey, Ben. Welcome to the board. I'm Sofie. It's great to have you here. You'll see that everyone here is ver nice in his or her own way ;) .

You're talented. I'm not that good especially not my voice and the only song I can play (a bit) is Trouble on my keyboard. :D

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