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HAHAH i just found this on you tube!!!


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i have no idea how that manages to be legal... how can you manage to drive if camera flashes are constantly going off in your face?? paps shouldnt be able to do that, i think it puts more than just them and the celebs in danger honestly. the response they got from chris was well deserved :)

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I am glad Chris told them off!


Jeez, where do these people get off doing this crap? Honestly.


I hate that they call themselves "Photographers". Um no. You are stalkers. Photographers do really beautiful artwork with a camera. You hide in bushes with a telephoto lens and take pictures of Britney in a Bikini.


That is creepy.


Sorry, bit of a rant there, but those people make me mad.

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I actually don't care much for this video, I mean we all agree they went too far although Chris did as well, but anyone else would be furious too


Chris went far?!


There was a swarm of stalkers around his car and wife, they probably get that every day, I think Chris has every right to tell them to fuck their asses away, imagine how ridiculously invading it must get at times, having bums shove cameras in your face whenever you think you have a moment alone.

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I'd attack them too.


You have to draw a line, somebody could've been hurt, and I'm not just talking about the photographers or Chris or Gwyneth. They were still taking pictures up until they were pretty much gone, so she could've easily crashed into something or run over somebody because of that damn flash.

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