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Your Stories about when You were in a Bus/Plane/Train/Metro etc.

Yellow Hill

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Ooooooh. Too many. Hostile flight attendants (really, really mean), Man with napkin fetish, smelly feet lady, baby crying for nine hours...plane almost falling down...old lady whipping out the walletfull of grandchildren pictures...


But I love all those experiences. :) It's all awesome to remember.

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Convo between a cop and a convict on the train on the way to the Coldplay concert in Texas. The cop knew him from arresting him before (the cop was just in everyday clothes, going to the concert)....so they were just talking about life...and the cop was just telling him to get his life back on track and stuff.


Best part though.


Cop: so how many kids do you have?

Other guy: 9

Cop: its time to invest in the snip snip

Other guy: we're trying for 10

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oooh well. most of my public transport stories are from holland and aren't that funny because they all have to do with me not being fluent in dutch. but i do have one from an airport that's coldplay-related, kinda.


i was flying to holland this summer (well, london, then holland) on british airways. i got...kinda lucky, because my mom's best friend's husband is one of the big cheeses in british airways and he got me first class and had a personal assistant and got to hang out in the VIP lounge. my personal assistant was explaining everything to me about everywhere i went in the airport while my flight was delayed, and she said "i'm just sorry that there aren't any celebrities in the VIP lounge now for you to hang out with...there were some there a few days ago, though." and a lightbulb went off in my head, since i knew coldplay had just flown to NYC then to do the free MSG shows. so i asked "have you ever worked with coldplay?" and the personal assistant lady was like "coldplay...coldplay...:thinking:" and i was like "you know, the guy married to gwyneth paltrow." and she went "OH! yes, they were here on sunday. they gave me tickets to the MSG show. what adorable children gwyneth has!"

and i got rather excited.


on a different note, as nice as it was for them to get me a personal assistant and all, it was rather annoying to have her follow me around like a lackey all over the place.

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Manchester's Metrolink in the middle of summer when Man Utd had a home match. We hadn't realised and we're coming home from shopping. We had to stand on the tram anyway and then we got to Old Trafford and a pile of men stinking of sweat and booze tried to pile on. Its a good job the station is policed on match days because there was very little room. :sick2:


I've had some teenagers try to snatch my bag on the bus. and had a nutter decide to sit next to me and talk to me for half the way home from the airport. and had to wait 3 hours for a bus to turn up when a miniscule amount of snow snarled up the roads.


And they want to persuade me to give up my nice little car and use public transport :whatever:

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I hate people talking really loudly on the phone about really quite private stuff on the bus :lol:


such as


"Yeah the dcotor says it should be fine (gruesome details usually follow :lol:)


or really quite agressive calls


"you tell our mick! im gonna kick his f*ckin' head in!Aye! if he's been sleeping with our pruschetta!(made up but probably real name) i'll kill him!"


steady on! :stunned:


and also really smelly people (if any smelly people are reading..please take a shower! pleassssssse!)

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There was this lady probably in her 50's or so with grayish hair and a business suit that used to be on the subway platform the same time as me in the morning everyday a couple years back. She looked normal and stuff; but if the train was ever more than 5 minutes delayed she would start cursing like crazy. She'd curse the train; the train operator; the MTA ; new york city; the mayor; and use the most colorful language you can imagine. The first time I heard her go off I was shocked but then had to walk away cause I was laughing so hard; but over time I got used to it and would just enjoy watching other people react to her. :laugh3:

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