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No more big sigs!


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Join the anti-huge sigs group now and you'll receive a lap dance from the one and only, Miss Rolle! :nice:


And if you are a girl.. well, tough luck! Or you can turn gay for one night..















Real Campaign! :wacky:

Do you really wanna be prevented from enjoying people's post as you should be by big, humongous and MESSY sigs? Why the hell should you!


Join me now and help me in stopping people from doing this!




Viva small, cute sigs! :kiss:

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Viva me :cool3:


I've never in my life had a big sig. I just don't see the point of them


No, do NOT tell me that i can edit my profile settings so that the sigs will disappear. Some people's sigs are nice, i want to see them you know?

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