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No more big sigs!


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:confused: ok Im lost here.....



my sig I had hoped(though maybe tooo long) was an opportunity to thank certain people for certain amazing acts of kindness and concern.(not for myself actually even, but on my mothers behalf) and to share a bit of private joy with the coldplaying family.


i agree some here go to the extreme with sig size, it can be irritating to load a full page of only 2-3 posters, due merely to sig sizes, but to each is own....its their statement, their term of endearment.


But Nathan dear...i dont know how that went to (sarcasim?) me making you sick.....???ya lost me.




and now its just my general persona?



*cries* but i thought we were friends!



(goes back to where she came from off board)

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these threads are just pointless,you only have to disable viewing signatures in options


Viva me :cool3:


I've never in my life had a big sig. I just don't see the point of them


No, do NOT tell me that i can edit my profile settings so that the sigs will disappear. Some people's sigs are nice, i want to see them you know?


I'm glad people are finally discussing about this.

I'm just speaking for myself when i say this but if i see a big sig with tons of text in it i don't even bother to read it. So for me that's just waste of space.

But if i see a small sig i probably will at least take a look at it.


- - -


izloveschrismartin!, in my opinion your sig is still huge. I don't remember what the old one looked like but i don't think a sig can get much bigger than the one you have at the moment.

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