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Pets of MARTIN


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i don't think he has any pets, gywn said in a recent interview that they don't have pets cause they move around to much i can't remember which one ill have a look anyway

It's the interview from "Friday Night with Jonathan Ross".

Don't know if it is part 1 or 2.

I just watched it last night because Mark and I had a conversation about Ross on the way to the Royal Albert Hall...

(Hi Mark! bye1.gif)


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but u game of cold tell me where is my vida... u invented the word la to confuse the mind of me u racist because u think u the only people which tell proper english


fat one......:rolleyes:

the VIDA loca VIVA no good song, it RUBBISH UTTER RUBBISH. The scientific worker and no panicking be COLD GAME good from the mr. martin very SEXY. HEHE

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