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This board is turning more and more into Atease everyday.


People here see fit to fight and make unpleasant remarks to one another, endless spamming has started, arguments in every other thread, disagrements, jokes that really aren't funny anymore, people trying to take control and failing, nobody actually caring about the reason we're here, because its a Coldplay board.


If people want to make this place into atease mark II (which for anyone who hasn't been there before, that would not be a good thing), then feel free. But I for one have no part to play in this lounge anymore, so I'm going.


Somebody PM me when this place gets back to normal and I'll happily come back, but until then I'm staying in the actual Coldplay sections, which was the reason I joined here in the first place. Bye.

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I think we need to start a revelation of all us "oldies" and kick the noobs out.

don't those kind of things are the ones that this guy who has opened this thread is complaining about?


it doesn't make sense that you make a kind of coment like this.


and i agree with you Jpw48

i don't know why this is not as it used to be :(

there's a troll, and seem has got other normal users do behave like the troll in some way. :\

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I don't know what to say...


I like Balack Obama.


He's like a little monkey. If he's in a cage, he's funny and amusing. The problem occurs when he gets outside his cage and starts creating havoc.


But I don't run the zoo; I just stand back and observe...and occasionally throw him a banana.

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hahahahha no! :D


guilty cuz i feel like what he's saying is partially my fault. :disappointed: and i really didn't mean it to be such a bother.


just one thing. i don't think new people should be blamed. cuz everyone has the right to love coldplay and everybody was new to this forum at one point. :\

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