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Why are people so bloody rude?!


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I've bumped into so many rude people today it's no joke. I'm really pissed with people's attitudes, for example - it was my best friend's birthday today so the two of us went with a small group of friends to a restaurant. As soon as we sat down the manager came over the us and told us, "I don't want to see you here, get out." Nevermind we'd booked that table earlier :rolleyes: he said, "You are too loud, I've got plenty of customers to serve and I don't want to see you here." What a fucking bastard, not only we weren't loud AT ALL (how loud can you possibly be just by sitting down next to a table?!) but besides us there were possibly two or three more tables taken and the rest was empty.

After we told him we'd stay quiet he left us for a bit but kept watching us throughout the entire meal and after we'd finished he yelled at our waiter for not finishing with us any sooner so he could see the back of us.




Oh and that's not all. We were standing outside later talking and joking, someone told a joke so my friend started laughing. And there comes this butt-ugly twat and tells my friend to "stop laughing like a beast" because she's "not a man".

Eh? :stunned: Another friend asked her, "Why, can't she laugh hysterically because she's a woman?!" so that cow started calling us names and wishing us all kinds of nice things.


Just tell me, why do people have to be so fucking rude?!


(Now that's my rant for today, goodnight.)

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2 weeks ago i learned what is rude ppl. i worked at the 12th world gymnaestrada, here in portugal, and let me tell you... we were volunteers, always with a big smile on our faces and the "athleets" just didn't care about us ...they only let us know that they'd noticed us when they shouted at us! oh well...

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