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Coldplay's Booking Agent For Girls Aloud: Gwyneth Paltrow!


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WHEN CHRIS MARTIN decided to sign GIRLS ALOUD as support for one of COLDPLAY’s summer shows, he used a special booking agent – his missus. The singer called each of the girls individually to ask if they would open for his band at Wembley Stadium on September 18.


And in case CHERYL COLE, SARAH HARDING, KIMBERLEY WALSH, NICOLA ROBERTS and NADINE COYLE had any doubts about how serious he was, his wife GWYNETH PALTROW, chipped in on the phone.


When Chris was on the blower to Cheryl, Gwynnie took the handset and sang a few lines from their 2002 hit Sound Of The Underground to seal the deal. A source said: “The girls were buzzing to get a personal call from Chris. They never thought he would be such a big fan. After hanging up from Chris, Nicola called Cheryl to tell her the good news, but Cheryl had come off the phone from him minutes before and was still in shock. Chris roped in his missus to give Cheryl an X-Factor-style sing-song. Gwyn belted out the girls’ hit single down the phone with Chris joining in.”






That must be one of the most surreal calls possible. I wonder which order he rang them in? Gwyneth also asked Cheryl to bring ALEXANDRA BURKE along to the gig to sit next to her. The actress is a massive fan of the X Factor winner.


The next 12 months are shaping up to be a busy year for the girls, with a UK tour of their own to worry about. And they are also after a new PA to help them cope with their busy schedules. The band, who relied on a single assistant up until January, are now hunting for a replacement after cheeky Cheryl swiped her to deal with the explosion in her own diary since she became an X Factor judge.


But before all you blokes out there think of applying, the girls have specifically stated “no fans”.


I have sent in my CV, though.


I make a mean brew, would be respectful in the dressing room and would happily look after the credit card in Mahiki three nights a week ...



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