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Do you have a problem with muscles?


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I've known for some time now that i do NOT like muscular men. They just don't look good in my opinion.

That's a huge problem because i happen to like good looking men and most times those good looking men are also muscular. To sum my thoughts up-->

I can tolerate muscular bodies up to a point if the rest of the package (face, personality) is good enough.




this: too muscular




this: does nothing for me




So the question is... Do you find muscular men/women better looking than ones that aren't muscular?

According to my research men also find muscular men good looking (=they think girls find those muscular men hot)




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I wouldn't say that the first guy was too muscular, because it's lean muscle. In other words, he has muscles but he is still thin..

The pictures below that one however, are just gross. I definitely find it unattractive if a guy is too muscular.



That's where my problem starts.. Sure, he isn't actually "muscular" but that still looks unattractive to me

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