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I got my own Chris Martin


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Hey guys! since i've missed this place too much because i had a lot of class tests and all these stuff, i decided to do something for the forum and the best thing i thought about was doing a drawing.. it's the first time for me and hope you'll like it :shy: oh sorry if it's not the right place.. and i can't make a spoiler so sorry if it's too big.. :P




if you want i have some drawings more.. even obama! :cool:

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oh guys you're so nice thank you! that was really the first time i tried to do a good drawing.. i was quite worried 'cause my father was on a plane and so i put on viva la vida and started drawing.. i found it very relaxing and i finished when the plane was in the airport :laugh3:

then i started looking for good photos to copy and mr.obama was perfect






PS. izzi io mi connetto su msn ma non ci sei quando ci sono io!! :cry:


PPS. yoyo! thank you! i'm very happy to see you here :cool:

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