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The Mullet Unappreciation Thread


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I'm glad that the mb is up and working again! But I really must stress my grave concern for those of the human race who insist on wearing mullets. Now I try to be a tolerant person, and i'd like to think for the most part that I have succeeded, but come on people...they're just plain offensive! For those of you who don't know what a mullet is, it's a utterly horrible hairstyle with unknown origins that has been described by some as "bussiness in the front and party in the back." Sometimes parents make their children wear these haircuts, which I consider cruel and unusual punishment. It is sometimes donned by the likes of country singers.


Is anyone else as distressed about these haircuts as me?

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darling, mullets are all the rage!! They are a godsend to the world of grooming, the mullet is the creme de creme, the piece de resistance..lol


it's post-ironic to rock one now though, UK rawk scenesters sometimes sport them..but even then it's still a monstrosity..i have yet to think "damn, that mullet looks good on them!'...anyone unknowingly sporting the wackest creation since Milli Vanilli is usually 1 download short of a bootleg :lol:


*squak breaker breaker we have a 10/90 in progress over*


10% up top 90% at the back baby..a champion mullet!! LOL


Billy Ray Cyrus..now THAT was a champion mullet




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hahaha I LOVE this thread! and I also HATE mullets! There's this really greasy kid named Jimmy that goes to my school and he has a mullet. He rarely washes it too, and it's really gross and offensive lol. People have even gone so far as to offer to pay him to cut it off, but nooo, he just can't part with his dear mullet! wtf is up w/ that?

--sorry if any of you have mullets, I don;t wanna offend any1 ya know

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I have been made aware of a website where a pic of Coldplay has been cruelly digitally altered so that a mullet may appear to be on their heads...I will get site details eventually...





PS look out for the rat tail unappreciation thread!

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I know this group of guys who play this on-running mullet game...


OK, so like SIX YEARS ago (When they were about 14) of the guys lost a bet, he had to exchange his long, half cool kinda stringy looking hair for a mullet. No-one even remembers what that bet was...


Anyways, he had to keep it for two weeks, and when he got it cut, he shaved it all off. After much laughing and public despair at him for 2 weeks they were saddened by the loss of the hair...


So one of the guys made an extended bet! Before the hair was sweeped up, he picked up clumps of it and put it on the table, and said that the guy who EATS the least amount of hair has to grow a mullet and keep it for two weeks! Yes! EAT! EAT Hair! EAT!


I dont mean, chew, and spit back out, these guys eat hair. Bleagh.


And they eat a lot of hair, they really go at it. Every half a year-ish when one of them has grown their hair long enough to have a mullet for 2 weeks, they meet up and eat eachothers hair, the last time this happened 3 of them flew over from oversea colleges.


As sick as it is, thats pretty damn cool.


Out of 6 of them only 1 hasnt grown the mullet (He eats a LOT of hair), and 1 guy has had it 3 times.


Crazy bastards.

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