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Im going to go get it and watch it over and over again! i love it..and viggo's sooo hot in it!

aww man...two weeks! baaaaaaaah

so good!!

I saw the commercial for it yesterday and i was sso freaking excited..i wasn't really paying attention until viggo popped up, i jumped and screamed.. it made me so happy!

after i get my schedule im going to watch it! haaaaaaaha! HA!

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yea! that part was awesome.

I loved the part with smeagle. it was so funny! i couldn't stop laughing. i was thinking in my head, he's a paranoid skitzo. and the part where i think frodo and sam were talking and frodo said, "i can't do it! its so hard!!" and sam said "its ok, you dont have to" or something like that...it was funny. i dont know. i find the stupidest things to be funny. haaaaaa.

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ewwwww i dont. my friend is obsessed about orlando bloom! haa its so funny. one time we saw this preview in the theater for pirates of the carribean and she screamed when orlando bloom came up! it was great.


Viggo is so..ha!!!! i love him, only when he's Aragorn though. because of the scruffiness and the dirt on the face. haaa i love that.. scruffy..mmm

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NO!!!! not that kind of dirty...

like scruffy. you can see a little facial hair..and medium length hair. haaaaa.


Aragorn should not have any facial hair, though. It bugs me. If someone had bothered to read Unfinished Tales, Christopher Tolkien mentions a note written by his father in which "there is a discussion of the Elvish strain in Men, as to its being observable in beardlessness of those who were so descended (it was a characteristic of all Elves to be beardless)." Aragorn is descended from the royal line of Númenor, the first King of which was Elrond's twin brother Elros. Elrond and Elros are descended from Eärendil, the son of Tuor and Idril, who was the grandaughter of Finwë, first King of the Noldor and his second wife, a Vanya named Indis who was akin to Ingwë, King of the Vanyar, and High King of the Elves. On their mother Elwing's side, Elrond and Elros are descended from Lúthien, the daughter of Elwë (or Thingol), a King of the Teleri, and his wife Melian, who was a Maia, an angelic being who was born before the beginning of the world. That is an impressive pedigree: the royal lines of all three houses of Elves and a little Maiar to boot. Therefore Aragorn should be stubble-free. Stupid Peter Jackson! :angry:


Dang, I went off on the facial hair/Elvish descent issue again. :rolleyes: Sorry for being an anal retentive bastard. I do have other reasons for loathing the movie, but I shall refrain from subjecting everyone to more of my esoteric ramblings. *continues to grumble under breath....*

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