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Clint, Ivet, VIOLET, Paul, Arnim, Gautama_and Alina talk here. BUT EVERYONE ELSE CAN TOO!!!!

Black Dog

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Don't be bothered by these threads. He wanted to do something nice and friendly.

In my opinion it's not bad as it's easier to chat with more persons inhere as it is on the pin board everybody has.


But if an admin wants to shut this down, I won't be bitchy about it.


Apart from that:

Hello everybody. :nice: :escaping:

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ho clint, are you sure you wanna be associated with someone, who's got an evil streak? :sneaky::lol: kinda funny, all this....

i "know" you and have been chatting with arizzo, but HI VIOLET! to make this work ( though people aren't amused, right?), i think i need to get in touch with violet.

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*reads everyone's complaints*


OK, seriously, I don't see why everyone's griping about this thread. There are already about 12507130485710865 threads that are like this on the forum to begin with. I really don't think another one is going to kill anyone. If you don't like it, then ignore it and move on with your life. I also say, like Arnim, that if they wanna lock it, fine. However, as I said, about every other thread on here is something like this, so I wouldn't see why that would do any good.




Anyway. Hi Gautama! :)

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