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Coldplay reportedly accused by Rage Against The Machine of Plagiarism!!


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The legendary band, Rage Against The Machine, have reportedly accused Coldplay of stealing a large portion from their hit song 'Killing in The Name'.


They reported that the Coldplay song 'Postcards From Far Away', from the Prospekts March EP, contained large chunks of material from their hit song.


Martin denies this accusation however, although it is clear that almost the entirety of 'Killing in The Name' was copied by the English group, and tranfigured by Martin into an 'unoriginal' piano version.


You can hear each track here:


Postcards From Far Away - [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbI-B-hffbM]YouTube - Postcards from far away - Coldplay [NEW ALBUM PROSPEKT'S MARCH 2008][/ame]

Killing In The Name - [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkuOAY-S6OY]YouTube - RATM -Killing in the name - official video[/ame]





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Aww don't worry the the tastes are always subjective ;)


I just don't like metal music :\

I dont think its metal.:PIts rock with a rapper, its reall different, but I dont mind if you like it, Its not everyones cup of tea, I only really like there 1st album and kinda think they got a bit boring after that , only 1 or 2 from there others like guerilla Radio etc.

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