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Gwyneth and Chris set the nuptial rumors straight!


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ok all those rumors that u have been hearing are allllll FAKE. Msn.com has an article about this. For some reason my computer wont let me attach the page so i will just tell you. ok well Both Gwen and Chris say there will be NO wedding, the ring that Gweny was wearing was NOT an Engagement ring, it was nothing. Chris said he has no intention of getting hitched to the actress. Also the whole Steven Spielberg thing u know where hes suppose to be walking Gwen down the aisle that is also a made up rumor. The couple decided not to rush into things because of Chris's busy touring schedule. Well thats it and all this stuff i quoted from the msn site. If u want to see the article for urself i believe its under Celebrity Gossip.

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Here it is :)


Gwyneth Paltrow's boyfriend Chris Martin wants to set the record straight once and for all -- there will be no wedding. Even though last month G.P. was spotted wearing a ring on her engagement finger and fueling rumors the two would soon have rice chucked their way, the Coldplay front man swears that he has no intention of getting hitched to the actress.


"We are not getting married," the 26-year-old singer told Virgin Radio. "Everything that is written about Steven Spielberg [he was rumored to give Gwyneth away, since her father had passed] and Chewbacca is a load of rubbish. Darth Vader is supposed to be giving her away. It is sad because it proves you can't believe anything you read in the papers."


According to friends, the couple decided not to rush into anything since they have been dealing with Chris's crazy touring schedule and the death of Gwyneth's father last year. And here I was thinking that my invite was lost in the mail!


Personally I don't know what to think, I do believe Chris but... you never know, do you?

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I hope the rumours are false too, not because I dislike Gwyneth or want Chris for myself :rolleyes: :D , I want him to be happy. But it's FAR too soon, when you think about it - it hasn't even been a year yet and also I really don't think he'd be able to handle the pressure that comes with it.


Also I can't imagine Chris in a tuxedo :D

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