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Describe a Coldplay album using only two words


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I don't know, it sounds kind of fun. Anybody wanna play? I shall start.


Parachutes: apologetic, devotion


then I guess you can explain why you picked those words.


In Parachutes, some of the songs seem to be about the poetic voice or whatever you want to call it apologizing for an argument (Sparks, Life is for Living, and obviously Trouble); most of the others seem to involve, well, obviously devotion to somebody (Yellow, Shiver, Parachutes, Everything's Not Lost, and you possibly could possibly count High Speed if you wanted.) So, yep.


This might possibly generate some discussion. Which would be interesting! :dance: Come on people.

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A rush of blood: slick, deep


Slick because it floats effortlessly and perfectly through the songs, it's brilliantly dynamic.

Deep bescause although it's not exactly difficult, I reckon it's the least accessible of them all, and the most broad. I feel all the songs have a deep musical and emotional core without being so much in your face like on X&Y.

You know, I have listened to this album a million times and I still feel like I haven't listened enough, like I can't get to the bottom of it, or wrap my mind around it's emotional depth. To me, it's classic, completely timeless.

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AROBTTH: Quietness (In my place)

Gloom (Amsterdam, The Scientist, Warming Sign)


X&Y: Confusion (Talk, what if, twisted logic)

Shadows (The Hardest Part, Low, White Shadows)


VivaLaVida: Tecnology (Lovers in Japan, Life in Technicolor II)

Revolution (Viva la vida, Strawberry Swing, Death and all his friends)

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