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Facebook is full of shit


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I've been away from Facebook a while and I come back to the following:




Mafia and world wars invitations?? half a dozen not even in my language (anyone care to translate) and to put the icing on the cake a condom request. What the fuck? :confused:




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... weird that.... and i also get that... ...


you can do that:

check on your configuration there and untick the option that people can send you that. :thinking:

(if you do that then you can't sent people those requests too, i don't know why the options have to reciprocate in that social network).


i just check them when i'm really bored, and plus i never send those things to other people because i know it can be so annoying get that request again and again from different people. :confused:

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Facebook is totally useless... except when you wanna stay in touch with friends you don't see anymore or share pics !

i agree, i just joined it for the bolded reason, i'm yet in contact with old friends from school that way :)

a part of that i reckon that facebook is too random and useless most of the times. (think it was about students to work together and check there are so few school groups and all that :confused: )

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