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Who else wants to learn how to speak Elvish!!!

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there is a site............ its on the official lotr board l think......... l saw it on the dvd special...where it was 'the making of'...l think just look for 'lotr elf' and then...you'd find it I KNOW translations are available on the net

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I dunno how well the quest went, but, being a Tolkien fanatic, I know a few sites that might help. If one is truely in earnest about learning to speak Quenya, this looks like the place to go: http://www.uib.no/People/hnohf/qcourse.htm. This site is also good as it lists other useful language-related sites (including the former): http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Parthenon/9902/langinfo.html.


If you've already discovered these sites, then disregard this post. ;)




And oh yeah, Frodo Lives! :D

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