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The Jonas Bjerre Appreciation Thread (back)

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He's in need of something in this picture. You can see it in his eyes... He looks so alone and fragile... Like an abandoned child... :cry2: Or an injured baby animal... and the wolves are hungry for meat.


Something is missing from his life... Something no one can live without... Something that gives a life meaning...


me, ofc.

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Needs a meal? He looks like he ate too much pie sometimes. I saw a pic where he looked like he was 2 months along... Only in his stomach, but still... He needs more flattering clothes. But I can say one thing for sure, he's got nice hips. :stunned:


And yes, he obviously hasn't bought a comb in years. :rolleyes:


Other than that, the way he dressed. From the secret show to the gigs with NiN and KoL he's worn a shirt and a cardigan. The cardigan has been half falling off of him from the pics I've seen... Why won't he take it off or pull it up? :thinking: Even in that pic you posted above (the grey cardigan) in the rest of those pics its not on properly...

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LOL yeah, he's digging his cardi at the moment - you'd think he had the money for a decent one...that one looks like it got put in the washing machine on a hot wash... ;)


Poor Jonas, the supermodel gf is obviously spending all his money - let's have a whipround and buy him a new cardi and a hairbrush.. :P

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Hahaha, she can afford hundr to thousand dollar peices of clothing, accessaries and so on... but he can't get a decent comb for his hair... Soemthing seems off... :thinking:


I mean every now and then I'll buy expensive clothes, but I don't get paid $5,000+ per job *rolls eyes* But whether I do or don't, my man will be well dressed.


Imagine if I were a model and was raved about and then people look at my boyfriend and think he wears clothes he's had for the last 5 years. :stunned: I'd think I'd take him shopping, maybe...

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oh well,i'll just replace the double post with an old article.

Popgurls Interview: Mew's Jonas Bjerre

Written by Twilight






Jonas Bjerre is one third of the Denmark-based Mew, a band who have been described perhaps most aptly as "Queensryche meets Sigur Rós." If you're familiar with their music, you know that Bjerre has an impressive, often unimaginable vocal range, writes very clever (yes, wry) lyrics and provides film clips that compliment the band's live performances. PopGurls caught up with Jonas recently while Mew was touring the US to support the release of their second full-length album

And the Glass-Handed Kites. And although he's not officially the chattiest member in the band - guitarist Bo Madsen gets that credit, his online journal on Mewsite.com has been read by band devotees since 2002 - he did have quite a bit to say.


I read that you'd been together since 7th grade? Is that true?


Yeah, that's when we started playing music, but we've known each other since we were 6 years old. We all come from the same part of Copenhagen.



Does having known each other for so long mean you'll have more staying power as a band?


I certainly think so - I think that's evident already at this point, you know. We've been through so much and I think that if you've only known each other for a few years, it's easier to imagine yourself drifting apart or breaking up or whatever. In our case, I think the bonds are a lot stronger and we could stand to go through more together. Everyone has their own habits and quirks and basically we've learned to be very tolerant towards one another. We usually say our greatest accomplishment is not having killed each other yet.



As you continue to gain more recognition, are there any social or political issues that you see yourself wanting to speak out about?


I feel very ambivalent about it. I don't like to voice my opinion politically that much. But our guitar player is very outspoken. I do of course have an opinion, but I don't know if it's more valid than everyone else's - you know, I don't think it is.


We have very different views than a lot of American people have because we come from a part of the world where the media focuses on totally different things. It's very different watching the news here. So I don't know - it's a matter of what kind of information you're exposed to.



Are there any other things in your experience here in the U.S. that have been surprising or noteworthy?


I was threatened by an old lady in a gas station once. That was shocking to me. At that point I looked a little bit weird - I had longer hair and I dressed kind of colorful. She told me that they didn't appreciate people like me in the states - and they had shotguns and weren't afraid to use them. This woman was the age of my grandmother, so at first I thought she was this sweet, fragile old lady and then she completely turned on me.



You've said that you see your music working very much like a film. Can you say more about that?


The fact that it progresses from part to part makes it much like a film with different chapters. We don't want to make music like, when the song begins you already know the whole song. And that's how I feel about a lot of things that are played on the radio these days. I like songs that have a longer story. We also use projections when we play and those are films that I've made. I used to work in post-production in the film industry.


The [process of creating the] projections always come after the music. I'll sit down and listen to our finished song and it will shape certain images in my head. Much the same way that the lyrics are written.



I'm interested in the lyrics to the song "Am I Wry? No," from your last album. There's a sincerity there mixed with nonchalance. It seems like it's both going on, and maybe there's a little bit of a struggle between the two.


I know what you mean by the nonchalance of it, but it is actually written very much in earnest. I play around a lot with the syntax on the English language. That song has a lot to do with relationships and also the whole human inter-relation of subject with the world viewpoint and, you know, it deals a little bit with depression. It's a song about loss.



On your new album, what song is the most powerful for you to perform?


I quite enjoy performing "The Zookeepers Boy" because everyone in the band is singing and the voices support each other...it's kind of like a house of cards effect. Everyone needs to join in to make it whole. I think it's a very fragile song but very strong at the same time, which I like.


It's very spontaneously written and uses a lot of images of animals...but it's about love and about relationships. A lot of our songs are about more than one thing because they're written over a period of time...but that also adds to the diversity within the song, which I think is important.



Is there a question you're tired of being asked by interviewers?


No - I feel very privileged to be able to do this for a living, so I never get tired of it, I don't feel like that at all. There are definitely questions that are repeated, but...



Here's one you've probably heard a lot: what are you listening to right now?


There's this American band called Why - their new album Elephant Eyelash has some very cool ideas. It's kind of like hip hop and indie rock mixed together, which is very original. I also quite like the Animal Collective's album, Feels. I saw them play recently in Denmark and it was really great.



Is there anything else you'd like to add?


I want to say that we're really enjoying this tour. It feels really great to tour in America. The people are really open-minded, even the people who didn't know us beforehand, so that's felt really great.



Mew will be performing at CMJ in New York on November 3rd.





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Yes... that is her name... :mean:


When I saw this thread bumped up I misread it as "The Jonas Brothers Appreciation Thread"... God have mercy on my pitiful soul... :shame:


And to nom is to eat. :P

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Agnete Hegelund..?




Hegelund was discovered while shopping in Copenhagen' date=' Denmark, in November 2005, and signed with Ford Models that same month.[3'] Two weeks later she appeared on her first cover for German Elle magazine.[3]


In 2008 Hegelund was photographed several times by Steven Meisel, including the cover of Vogue Italia in February, 2008.[2] and advertising campaigns for Calvin Klein Ck Jeans, Pringle of Scotland, and Alberta Ferretti.[3] In August 2008 she was spotted holding hands with Jonas Bjerre (the lead-singer of Mew).


In July 2009 Agnete and Jonas were spotted kissing.


haha that made me laff - holding hands and kissing...! Outrageous..! :P





[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6xd9YnewKM]YouTube - Agnete Hegelund - Model Talks - F/W 09.10[/ame]

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Why would I want to watch that? :shame: My reaction to just that one picture was fangirly to say the least...


It's icky when you know too much about someone you don't even know. Even if he's a celebrity and she is too (I'm guessing) In their own region... It's weird.


And is it wrong that I keep thinking when he was her age she was only 9 years old. They started dating when she was 19 and he was 31. :confused: I can't help but notice that. MaybeI am not as open minded as I once thought I was...


edit: Despite how I feel about the age difference and a model and a rockstar cliche attraction... Could a model go from dating a rockstar to dating someone who isn't? Can a rockstar do the same? I highly doubt it... I guess if things don't work with Agnete and Paul Banks dumps Helena Christensen, they can trade. :rolleyes:

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Yeah, it's quite a bit of an age gap and quite a cliche.


It'd be interesting to see the effect her presence has had on the lyrics for the new album...there's a few old Mew songs about lost love/failed relationships that sort of thing...maybe the new stuff will be a bit of a reflection of Jonas happy in a relationship....:thinking: Repeater beater anyone..? :\

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Well no, the lyrics are written over a period of time. He's probably had a lot of these lyrics written before 2008 (before they started dating) as that's after they started recording the record. Funny thing is, when you mention happy relationsip, I'm listening to Safe as Houses... It's got a very positive sound... Don't you think? That song, Ledge and Quietly are obviously about love in a relationship with a positive ending. So who knows...? Maybe one of the newer songs (after the album) Will be about her? :)

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