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The Jonas Bjerre Appreciation Thread (back)


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Hahaha. This is probably pointless but I really want a place to talk strictly Jonas. So this could be the place. Talk only Jonas all the time. :dance:




Jonas Bjerre (born Jonas Bjerre Terkelsbøl on Tuesday, September 21, 1976 in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark) is the singer, lyricist and rhythm guitarist for the Danish rock band Mew.


His side projects include Apparatjik and music for small films. His official website is http://www.jonasbjerre.com.

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Jonas trivia...



He once won an award for his singing - even though he does sing like a girl (Sorry Olivia :P)



In my opinion, he has an unhealthy obsession for snow... :uhoh: well, he's always banging on about it...



He's way better at whistling than Bo is, but Bo can make whistling sexier...(I just love that pic!)

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Always banging, eh? :wink3:


Yea, he likes snow a lot. They don't get that much in Denmark, though. I love snow just as much but we're lucky to have it if we ever do. So maybe I always bang on it too? :confused:


And yes, he does have an effeminate singing voice. He sings way higher than I can. But that turns me on. :dead:

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I love this picture.


He looks so good... Wow...

But I'm sure we've established this already. :lol:


hmm.. am I the only one that finds that picture a little.. eh.. weird? :uhoh:


*runs before you try to kill me for saying that* :escaping:

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I wonder if any ladies will be involved. Ballroom type dancing? Or maybe they'll be freestylin'. :P Whichever one it is I can't wait to see it. Mew are releasing their videos through Youtube now as they feel mtv is no longer about the music. But they will have tv-spots and are aiming pretty high as far as promotion goes.

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