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Question about PIT in Charlotte

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Hi Everyone,

We have an opportunity to purchase 2 pit tickets for Charlotte. Or like, Section 8, which is further away from the stage.

Just wondering how wild it is in the pit?

Also, wondering how early to be there to get in line to get a spot.

And, then, once my husband and I get our spot, will I be able to leave to go the restroom before the show starts, and still get back to my husband?

I guess I am asking what I should expect. If we get there when the parking lot opens and get in the line waiting to get in, it sounds like we could be standing for almost 4 hours before the opening acts start...

And, how crowded is it in the pit? I will be 6 weeks post surgery. We are driving 6 hours to this concert, so we want to be up close....

THANKS for any input!!

AND, if anyone has SECTION 2 tickets PLEASE PM me or email me!

Meg :)

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i just PMed you back about my tickets. the PIT tickets are not rowdy, they are very nice. we were in the PIT in atlanta and it was amazing. no mosh pits, no pushing, just nice relaxing music. i'd buy them...

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I was in the pit in Atlanta and I thought there was pretty decent amount of mobility room... especially on the ends in the back next to the rail. I showed up an hour early and got a good view right in the corner of the stage and one of the extensions.


I'm hoping to get there super early for Charlotte in hopes that I get a more centralized front row view. Also, hopefully the people in the Charlotte PIT will be nice and let me go to the bathroom as needed w/out losing my spot as they did in Atlanta :cool:


All in all.. I think the Pit is worth it! it's better than front row seated, no matter where you stand in the pit.

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