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Gravity (appreciation Thread)


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How the fuck is this song so good? Why isn't it on an album? Jesus Christ, Martin give some credit to your best written songs.


It should be a rule here that all noobs must be given this song. I went over a year on here without ever hearing it.

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YouTube - Coldplay - Gravity Soundcheck (24th June 2003)[/url]


that's where I first heard part of it. I listened to the first 10 seconds or so and thought, "Meh, I don't usually like Coldplay's B-sides, why listen?"





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Haha, don't worry about it! :P


And yay! You should start recording them :blush:

Oh the evil "R" word :disappointed:



But don't worry, there's that one that I surely will, even if you're the only one to ever hear it! :P

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Gravity is such an excellent B-side, and is probably better than at least 4 or 5 songs on X&Y.


Likewise, I totally approve of all newcomers being given a "gift" in the form of a Gravity download link. :lol:

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I'm pretty sure it wasn't included on their album because they originally gave the song to the band Embrace. They decided to re-record it later, but I guess it just wouldn't be right to put a song given to another band on a record, so they settled for b-side.


It's a gorgeous song though. Crests of Waves is a b-side that everyone needs to hear as well. How it wasn't included on A Rush of Blood is beyond me.

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