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I've lost all my faith in humanity...


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that girl (first one) is crazy, she wants to move to spain? :o

me wants to move from spain to somewhere else. :confused:


she is just :sick:, but why that have the usual association of: military = fascist

it don't necesary have to be associated. :dozey:


anyways i stopped reading about at the 10th question :dozey:

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Guest howyousawtheworld

I am fucking disgusted particularly calling the great Nelson Mandela a villain. Stupid whores should be shot along with their thuggish husbands. And to think Winston Churchill put this country's fate on the line to defeat enemies with the same principles sickens me.

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"Um, I’d say maybe St George’s flag, partly because my favourite film is This Is England – it’s about skinheads, but they’re not really racist, because one of them is a black kid. They turn on him in the end, but because he was one of the gang they’re not really racist. They just believe in what they believe in."



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