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Crests of Daylight/Glacial Fox/Crests, Foaming at the Mouth

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I have nothing but regrets

because that is what she does :wacky:



she is crazy :wacko:




she is a beautiful nun with no name :gorgeous:



and she has a unicow, that loves her :heart:



Unicow25.gif :surprised:





and a few more fans :cheesy:

so give her some :love:




You raped it...:bigcry:

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I know :nice:

I didn't think I'd get one so soon.

And i dont think people actually know its an appreciation-like thread :P

I feel special :cheesy: :hug:

And I like your new avi Carla, ive been thinking of changing mine.

I already changed my signature alot.

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omg hahaha..... no crests is my friend...... I mean we are married, but she marries a lot of people :disappointed:



she has a whole thread! (the married one) :bigcry:


:bigcry: cheating on me with Crest and we had a spanish preacher too :whip:

I though we agreed on Saturdays with Chris only

Fine I get two days with Guy then

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