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Grüße aus Deutschland :-)


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I'm Florian from the East of Germany, detailed I live in a very small village (just 150 inhabitants) near Berlin and I am 18 years old.

Well, I love, more I admire Coldplay and their music!! (I think like everybody of us here)

Nearly every day I play one hour only the music of Coldplay on my drums (I'm a drummer since 5 years) and because of that fact I'm able to play each, really each song of Coldplay on drums. It makes such a great fun to play this music, its amazing!! Just because Will is a very good and ingenious drummer!!! ...just wanted to say that.

I look foward to the 25th of August because there is the Coldplay-concert in Hannover, I'm so excited about that. It will be great.

The last time I was in a Colplay-concert was in September of the last year in Berlin, it was my first concert and it was just awesome!!! The whole lifetime should be one big Coldplay-concert!! :-) :D



Best regards from Germany...





PS: I apologize for my bad school english. Sorry for that...:\

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Welcome Florian!


Yes, if only life was like a Coldplay concert...


Cool with the drumming - I only learned to play the rhythm of "Highway to Hell" once :lol:

But that was it with my drumming career. Was loads of fun that day though.


Have a fantastic time in Hannover at the concert!

Did you find the concert thread already?

Tell us afterwards how it was, please!!



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Moin Moin von der Waterkant :)


Have fun here and enjoy the forum :)


There's even a german thread, maybe to get started it is easier for you there!? :)




I am going to see them at Hanover as well, can't wait, only 17 days to go :D


And btw. my nephew plays the drums and bass as well, some different kind of music though :laugh3:

Couldn't make him play Coldplay yet ;) :D

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