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First Steps (Intro Figured Out)


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HI guys, I was listening to First Steps and I started playing it on piano trying to see what to play and I found most of them. For the intro, your left hand is playing a F octave. One F is below middle C, and one F is above middle C. Then you move up to a G octave. Ten you right hand plays the next octaves up. Like this:


RH:---------------------------F, E, D, C, E, C, E (Those are all octaves)

LH: F(Octave) G(Octave)


There are a lot more notes for the left hand but I couldnt figure them out. And right hand just goes down and then back up. You start at F and go down one note to E and then down to D and then down to C. Now you go back up to the E and then down to C, and then up to E again. Hope you can understand that and I hope that someone else can figure the rest of the left hand out. I also did figure some of the next part. It kind of sounds like Talk. Some of the notes are wrong, but It goes like this i think, G, F, D, Bb, G, G, Bb, C, D, A. It goes somewhat like that. You play it like this:

G, go down to F, Go down to D, Go down to Bb, go down to G, then the same G, Then go up to Bb, up to C, up to D, and then down to A. Sorry if its a little comfusing. Its a played kind of like Talk. I hope others can figure the rest out and hopefully what I got wrong. Thanks!

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