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Will Chris show us a new haircut in Herning/Denmark?


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Yeah, but when they go into hiding for a while something always happens...

Being off for a week is not really 'a while' :laugh3:

Though I really hope for a little trim, he doesn't need to shave it off completely (which I don't like as well) but just a good trim would be good for starters ;)

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God I hope so :P Down with the clown hair :P


I'm thinking it'll be a mop tonight though, I'll be surprised if he turns up rocking a shaved head.

eww i don't like him shaved. :sick:

... what if he dye his hair, never did it right? that really would be surprising, or have the haircut that Fran Healy used to have :lol:

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Yes! Or "If you don't cut your hair before Wembers we'll all sell our tickets"


Nothing like blackmail to get what we want :P



I am just thinking about Coldplay entering the Wembley stage and the stadium half empty ... *lol*

Not that it was likely to happen but still the thought ... :laugh3:

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CHRIS MARTIN STEP AWAY FROM THE SCISSORS!!! RUN..............................

I am loving the look, but I do believe he has had plenty of time to have had a trim before Denmark. IF he didn't trim his hair I would say, he is growing it out in order to have some kind of hair plugs installed into his scalp, to prevent the receeding hairline he show's when it's short.:laugh3:

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I meant the insults might make him have a relapse though , not the hair cut...off off off off!!


Yes, she's got a point but it's also keeping his head warmer than a bobble hat at the moment! :)


Sorry editing probs :)

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