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People With 300+ Coldplay Songs...


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Where do you get these? I really dislike lives, and I love B-Sides and Unreleased songs.


Would it be possible for someone kindly to put all of their unreleased songs, all, into a RAR or something for me to download?


Thank you kindly:):)

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I don't get how some if you guys have 300+ songs. I have all their albums, b-sides, and unreleased songs. And I'm only at about 100. Unless live songs add up that much...

According to my mp3 player, all their official albums, b-sides and other releases add up to about 103. There's another what- 10, 20? songs that have been played live but never recorded. There are several dozen covers from over the years. All that will get you to about 200 maybe more.


So yeah, you'd have to include alternate acoustic live versions of songs to reach 300. People with hundreds of tracks have lots of live recordings.

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Don't forget the official Live releases... (Those plus demos and bootleged recordings from concerts are why I have 388 "songs")


Clocks 3CD Dutch EP = 11 songs

Coldplay Unplugged (was this official or not?) = 12 (?) songs

Live 2003 = 13

LeftRightLeftRightLeft = 9

Talk Holland = 7+ (? not sure, I just realized I never ripped Disc 2 so it might be 9 or 10 :o)

Trouble Norwegian Live EP = 5

Lost @ from the single

IMP Live from the Japan Clocks single

Politik live from the Aussie GPASUYF single


I'm sure I'm missing a few but you get the point. ;)


It adds up fast! :)

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