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Well since the Lounge is in such great shape today...


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I thought I'd attempt a real thread since everyone obviously needs something to do.



Senior year starts for me in a couple days.



So to those who have graduated high school, what are some of your fondest memories? Things you will always remember from high school?



And to those still in high school, what do you hope to accomplish before you graduate?


I understand this thread will probably either die or be torn to shreds, but at least I'm making an attempt.

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Be an hero mate.




In the USA, what ages do you start and finish High School?


at my school, there's four connected buildings for all the grades. ninth grade starts our high school though :nice:


I honestly can't think of anything. The only good times I can remember really aren't so cool anymore.




EDIT- really? :wacko:

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Now that i'm finishing my 'secong leg' of college (finishing my Masters) I miss high school more than ever.

Senior year was most definitely the best one. Was the one I made my closest friends today, went to most parties, almost didnt study and just had the time of my life (aw, how cheesy of me).


I had just come back from Canada, we barely had to do any proper studying, since in Brazil senior year is mostly revising the things we have learned before in HS. Halfway through the year we had our Senior trip, which was epic - 5 days of pure drunkness and partying with friends. And after we came back, for the rest of the summer we had the 'hangover parties', which were basically to drag all the people that went to the senior trips to clubs that were playing the same music and stuff from the place we went. Loads of classes til late, luncheons at the mall and all you can eat pizza hut, school ditching to go to the movies and all that.


Senior prom was good, but since I was in the organization comitee I didnt enjoy as much. and the end of the year, with everyone getting to uni, drinks being distributed inside the school for everyone who got in, just awesome!!!!


ahhhhh, good memories...

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I'm only going into grade 10 so, this is what I have so far

December 19- last friday of school before xmas break, I didn't go instead me and my family and some other people went snowboarding which was awesome


March 9- I skipped school and went home to get tickets for Coldplay ended up not getting them through the first presale so I just stayed home and watched a Spongebob marathon for the rest of the day


June 2- some french field trip we ate good food and then got to walk around downtown


Someday in June when 3 people showed up for class and my teacher let us go


Last day of school everyone went for like an hour and then we had a pool party.


Oh and all those game days with my baseball team and I got to skip school.:wacky:

So yeah best days of my first highschool year weren't actually while I was at school

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ugh, i'm going into my senior year, too. :\

but not for another 2 weeks. :P


C(omputer)V(ideo)P(roduction) = :heart:


also, i hope to be youtube-famous by... sometime soon. :P

it sounds dumb, but if i can become a partner, i could probably make a decent amount of money.

if i make good enough videos. :disappointed:

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hahaha, that seems fun!!!

and why only marketing?


at least our senior trip is open for anyone from the senior year that wants to go (and is willing to pay for it, obviously!!)


God, today there's a marketing thing coming after me - 2 guys on twitter, now you mentioning it - I think it's a sign from the heavens that i should focus on it (which is the broad topic of my dissertation).

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The only thing I am looking to accomplish is getting way better grades because this is it, this is basically the year where you sink or swim. I just wanna apply to college and hope I get in where I want to go, then graduate from High School. There is nothing great about High School, and probably when I look back there will be no great memories.

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I loved high school, I made the best friends ever and had so much fun... it was a school only for girls and it was nice. The last year was good, lots of pressure but also lots of fun, the prom and the graduation day were perfect and I have the best memories of the senior year. I don't know what else to say, but enjoy every moment :)

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