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The anchorman sends me a message


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Hey i got a personal reply from anchorman! what a legend.


I emailed to say:



A massive thank you for today. Coldplay and the Coldplay team should be

very proud of the dedication you all show to your fans. You make not think

we appreciate it but we really really do. Thank you for everything and I

look forward to the wembley show on the 19th. I am forever grateful and

thanks for my mention as well. All the best and take care

God Bless the whole Coldplay team


Chris Leeson



He said:


Aw, thanks Chris. Glad you liked it.



Just to take time out and reply means loads to me I think thats so kind and considerate. I gotta lot of time for coldplay and their management team.

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I had emailed Anchorman when the Tampa concert was "postponed." There were several of us who had to go to Tampa anyway, due to non-changeable plane tickets and prepaid hotel rooms. We met up and took pictures around Tampa and St. Petersburg of the "Coldplay-shaped fans on tour." Some were posted on this site and I emailed them to Anchorman, too, saying that we were filling in for the Coldplay-shaped puppets in Tampa since the puppets couldn't be there. He sent me a response thanking me for the pictures and was glad that we still had a good time, even though the concert was cancelled. It's in my "saved forever" file. :)

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I haven't e-mailed Anchorman yet, but I once e-mailed Debs Wild wishing her,Coldplay, and the whole Coldplay staff a merry Christmas. I also wrote to her about how I had a fantastic time at the Coldplay concert that I went to in November and thanked Coldplay for the "Christmas present" they gave us. I'm too lazy to look up the original e-mail. She wrote back something along the lines of...."Thanks. Hope you're having a great new year so far." I thought that was pretty nice of her to write back.

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