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What's your favorite UK music magazine?


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I'm thinking about getting a subscription from a music magazine, but I'm not sure which one to choose. Overall I prefer British music, so I will go for a UK magazine. I have a prescrition on Rolling Stone right now, but that's too American for me...


So please tell me, what is your fav magazine?

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I love these types of threads


Kerrang - never really read it, appears too far rocky for me

NME - I used to read it until the quality took a nose-dive

Q - Alright at times, a bit hit and miss, some good new bands

Mojo & Uncut - Good free themed CDs at times, but both are more suited for older music with new bands only getting a look into

The Word - is great, sometimes a bit uptight, but there method of reviews is the best when you have to read the review instead looking at the top to see it's gotten a X/10

Clash - never really read it because nowhere seems to sell it anymore.


So out of all the magazines, The Word and Q would be on my list, with Mojo/Uncut useful when they cover older lesser known bands. The Word's blog (http://www.wordmagazine.co.uk/blog) has kept me busy when at work several times.

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Thanks for all the info!


I found NME in a store here this week, and it is nice but seems indeed more like a 'young' magazine. I guess I'm too old for it too :confused:


Q sounds good, I'm gonna try to find one copy of it (but I doubt it is available in Belgium). But I wil check out te site!


Mojo & Uncut, I've bought them when I was in London this summer, but as you say Kite, it was more about older music (though there was a nice article about Fleet Foxes)


I've never heard of The Word, but it sounds good! I'm gonna check out their site right away :dance:


Ariadnasquire, I love both but in the first place I'd like to be informed. I don't play the guitar that often anymore because I'm all into piano lately, and there aren't any good piano magazines...

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