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I Wish I Could Sleep

Luka Modric

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Did you ever have know that Scarlett Johansson movie "Lost In Translation? I am a bit like her character Charlotte in this movie, in fact, as i am very sad and empty, but also very wonderful and attractive. As well as romantic I also obtain intimacy with no one. I am the isolated young man!


I really struggle with the disorder of asleep, but when I see my doctor about it he thinks I'm wasting the precious doctor time, and tells me to get out! So he will not give me any of this valium or pills I do so long for! I say "Doctor I have require for valium, will you prescribe?" but he always tells me no!


To have fairness, this is partially my fault, as this doctor of mine knows I do have very much love for co-codemal! :laugh3:


And so because of this doctor NEGLIGENCE I am forced to spend night after the night on THE COLD message boards OF GAME because I has not able to acquire the sleep!


Which other COLD GAMERS wish they could sleep?

Also, does anyone have any tips on scoring valium from my foolish doctor?

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I doubt the members of this COLD GAME message board sites fully understand or had apprecciate exactly how much of work it is being this very funny on a daily-fucking-basis.


The thing about the sleeping disorder, the valium and me being attractive, that's all true though.

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Oh yes I love The James Blunts lonely hearts club band! You love that song by them, Farewell This Lover, it goes


Farewell this lover

Farewell this comrade

You have been singular

You have been singular to me!


Then it has the REFRAIN of glorious where the JAMES BLUNTS say "I'M SO VERY VACANT, BABY, I'M SO VACANT, I'M SO, I'M SO, SO VACANT!", brings the tears on my eye every day!

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I am much protective of my diplomatic status, like Tony Montanna when the sexy lady says "TONY YOU ARE CUBAN CRIMINAL" and he say "NO, I am the REFUGEE".


This is exactly what this situation reminds me to. I have faced much persecution with the COLD GAME message sites.

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