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Andy J Gallagher responds


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British singer-songwriter Andy J Gallagher first hit London’s intimate music venues with punky Avant-Britpop band The Shopkeeper Appeared. Fame beckoned with plays on BBC Radio One and a gig supporting Radiohead, but Gallagher, ever hungry for new creative experiences, headed for steamy Asia and played in Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia. New York followed in a collaborative run-in with the city’s alternative rock scene.



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This guy also was asking for it when he posted something on his site about 'coldplays video looks far too much like andy j gallagher's something else for it to be a coincidence'. He also put a story on his site with the heading 'Coldplay - the copyright controversy'. If that's not hinting at more, than I don't know what is! He got owned with the Shynola response, KNEW he got owned and is now trying to backtrack and make himself sound like the victim!

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