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Wat happened with the glo-sticks at Wembley?


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Yes it was a great success. Obviously impossible to distribute one to every person in a 70 000-odd crowd (and lots of people wanted more than one for themselves). Plus, there were so many production lights in the stadium most of the gig it wasn't always possible to see them clearly, but there were loads of them all over the place :)

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On Friday, when Joe, Noelia, Ian and me had seats a woman with a Coldplay badge came to us, handed us a package of 50 glow sticks and asked us to pass them around!


So they either saw our plans online and bought some as well or some fan brought loads and she helped passing them around :shrug:



But even Jay-Z mentioned the glow sticks at the end of his set on Saturday so it must've been visible from the stage!

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every so often, the camera panned the front row and you could see loads of glow bracelets waving in the rows behind :D


I remember when they first came on and they showed the audience all you could see were yellow glow bands :nice: :D


When we handed ours out in the queue people were clambering for them. I think because we were in yellow Coldplay shirts and I had on a blazer they thought we worked for Coldplay or something :lol: They kept coming up after we were done and saying "Oh excuse me, I'd like to take part in the glowstick thing too"


Wish we'd had more in hindsight. It still worked well though :D

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