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28-Feb-2010 - Apoteose Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Tickets, Previews, Meetups, Reviews/Photos

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I'm really glad to present you the official t-shirt of our lovely Brazilian fan site Vivalacoldplay (http://www.vivalacoldplay.com) designed exclusively for Coldplay VLV tour :)




To download the art, click the links below:


Adobe Illustrator (.ai) – http://www.vivalacoldplay.com/download/estampa-vlc-illustrator.zip

Corel Draw (.cdr) – http://www.vivalacoldplay.com/download/estampa-vlc-corel.zip


Png transparente (.png) – http://www.vivalacoldplay.com/download/estampa-vlc-png.zip


It's up to you to include our name (Viva La Coldplay) in the shirt. We'll be very happy if you do but we won't be angry if you don't :P


Pra quem quiser ver o post em português --> http://vivalacoldplay.com/2010/02/camiseta-viva-la-coldplay/

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Thanks! :blush:

I actually have no idea which venue's bigger :uhoh: I would assume Foro Sol is bigger, but I'm not really sure :uhoh2: I probably should check that out :tongue:


That's great! Can you imagine if you all get to be next to one another? One big mass of coldplayers in the audience having fun together :dance:

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^it depends!..


youre going to Vip section in Rio,so thats 4000 or 5000 people..


and depends if you want first row :rolleyes: maybe if starts at 9 be there at 4 for example..


im going to vip in buenos aires maybe at 3 ..



and Pista place is shared with 30 000 so you have to be even earlier :awesome:



but theres always people that go even earlier :sick:


in buenos aires theres people is going at 5 in the morning,so like 15 hours earlier :lol:

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